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As many of you might know/seen that has a blood bank system on the website, its in beta version, few of our friends have been getting registered there as a donor..

On Sunday we got a call from Lahore that they need A-(neg) blood in Lahore as soon as possible for their dad’s operation, as our donor system is in beta version, not having enough record.. and not having any team member in Lahore, we contacted one of our friend and he arranged 4 donors for that person..

After that we have got two more calls, both of them from Karachi..

This indicates us to work more, work harder and quicker in donor system, so we asked many people to get them registered..

Donor System:
What would it do?
You get registered into it, whenever we get a call that someone need blood in Lahore, Karachi, etc we would contact our registered members of that city and ask them to help that person.

What we need?
A good database so that we have many options to contact, few volunteers from different cities to help us in this cause.

What would volunteer do?
Whenever we would get a call, we would ask all the details and then contact our volunteer and then volunteer and that person would be in direct contact.. and in the end volunteer would have to update us from all the stuff.

What you can do?
If you donate blood then get registered, if you have good contacts then either be a volunteer or let your contacts know about this and make them register..

Whoever would contribute in our cause would be called our Team Member, we would write their names with ours.. inshaAllah

Looking forward for positive replies!

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz

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  1. Shikwa-e-Zulmat-e-Shub say to kaheen beahtar tha…. Apnay hisay ki koi shama jalatay jaatay.

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