Thalassemia Day


While cutting meat today I got this cut in my middle finger, didn’t notice but when I was cleaning hands and water rushed through the skin I was ‘ayeinnn,, yeh kab laga? (when did this happen?)’ saw the finger in light (no electricity u know..) it was bleeding 😀 haha.. khair.. it feels so ‘awww’ when something spicy touches the scar lol, mom made me eat food by her hands 😉 *mazay*

Coming back to the topic ‘Thalassemia Day’, Fatimid Foundation has completed its 25 years.. whoa.. big time!!, so tomorrow at Beach Luxury Hotel, they are celebrating Thalassemia Day + their 25 years 🙂 Congratulation to the team :)!

So have to be there..

That’s all for now..

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz


when God solves your problems, you have faith in HIS powers, but when HE doesn’t solve your problem, remember HE has trust in your abilities..

Bunjaray kabhi rishton ki tijarat nahi kertay
Hum log dikhaway ki mohabbat nahi kertay

Milna hai to aa jeet lay maidan mai hum ko
Hum apnay Kabeelay se baghawat nahi kertay

Kisi se koi nata hum jorra nahi kertay
Mila lain hath to umer bhar chorra nahi kertay

Ager faisala ker lain kahin se koch kernay ka
To phir wapis maharon ko kabhi morra nahi kertay

Humain maloom hai akhir mai jeet apni hi honi hai
So hum waqti shikaston per ye dil thorra nahi kertay

Ankhoun mein sitarey hain na shabnum na jugno..
Is terhan tu dushman ko bhi rukhsat nai kertay

Maghroor humain kahty hai to kahty rahay duniya
Hum murr ke kissi shaks ko dekha nahi kertay

Mine & Salman interview with Deadpan Thoughts..

A few days ago I was jarred out of my ignorance by an article I read in “The News” on thalassaemia major and the amount of blood required for its patients in Karachi. After raising this issue on Bloggers AP, I came in touch with Salman & Ayesha who run a very detailed website on Tmajor and its effects plus are actively involved in spreading awareness for this disease as well as organizing donations for its patients. So I immediatley went into interview mode and following are their very frank answers to my queries. Hopefully this will go a little step forward in us educating our selves on this disease and then going out to actually donate blood.

1) Why did you and salman start this effort? Tell us your story and the struggle behind it.
Our elder brother Nauman died at the age of 16, I was 12 at that time and I knew that doctors told our parents that kids with thalassemia don’t live for very long. So that incident was like confirming what the doctors said and it was very disheartning for us. Then I tried doing some personal research using some books I got from Fatimid then using internet and I realized that it’s not completely true — at that time I thought I should share the information I have found with others. And that very thought became the reason to launch a website dedicated to thalassemia.

Read the complete interview here