My beautiful hand and this zaalim saamaj

My beautiful hand :$ for the time being ‘my poor beautiful hand’ strangled by these zalim saamaj

my beaaaautiifull hand
Pricked at the very last corner of hand

And then.. I don’t have a clear image but after getting rid of needle my hand is being green ugly monster I mean.. swelling + greenish 😀

And at the same time I have swollen left arm and few green ugly looking pricked at the stomach (which bleed alot last night *hehe) ‘Jai Ho Thalassemia and Iron’ 😉

So can I be called ‘Miss Little Green Monsterni’ :$?

6 thoughts on “My beautiful hand and this zaalim saamaj”

  1. May Allah gives u strength and brings you happiness.
    Please remember that you are not the unlucky one are chosen as the strong one to go through all this and set example of saber and shukar for everyone…
    may he heal you…

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