Need a break!

Finally I have successfully came out from lots of problems, issues, troubles, worries

1) mom being ill since 23rd June, getting admitted thrice till 4th July
2) brother having throat issue + running low on hemoglobin
3) exams
4) running low on hemoglobin myself

and finally mom is back to normal Alhamdulillah recovering, so is brother.., exams went so-so, mind stayed with mom while i stayed at examination room so it tells how well I would have done ehe.., got myself transfused 😉

what next? yes! NOW I NEED A BREAK! PLEASE??

Thinking what should I do now.. I mean done with intermediate *result pending*, now guide me what should I go for? BA? or something else?

and suggest me some short courses and some good institutes too please 🙂 *Karachi*

One thought on “Need a break!”

  1. See BA wala zamana ghuzar gya so plz go for some professional degree even if you are going to be a housewife and I mean it 😀 and about short courses hmmm u need a break so I would suggest going for something that really thrills you, that you wanted to do but was not able to do etc …. you know how it goes like I really wanted to be a Software Engineer but my parents wanted me to go for MBBS, I couldn’t do that got 75% not enough for this field, now I can’t be software engineer but I really want to learn few languages etc just because it thrills me still 😀 so you got the idea 😀

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