Salman – as a brother

A gem, a brother who said nothing when I use to scold/taunt him, a brother who never said no when I asked for anything, a brother who wouldn’t make face if I make him get up from sleep, always back me up if I ever had a fight with anyone, always laugh on my jokes/gangster activities, would call me by names that would make me laugh/smile, would always thank me for each and every work I would do for him, a brother who didn’t know how to order for any work, he would only request me

… and how bad sister he had… if he used to wake me up from sleep I used to make face, I used to get rude, rudeness wasn’t in his dictionary, he didn’t know how to say no.

Many friends have written for him, many people are remembering him in good words, imagine how he have been as a brother, as a son..

A GEM! words can’t define all that.., never! I can write on him all day/night… his qualities won’t end… but… just a prayer

Salman, May Allah grant you the highest rank of Jannat! *ameen*
Salman, forgive me for those hurting I did, for the tries we did to get you back to life, those tries might have hurted you, you didn’t speak a word but you might be hurt.. Please forgive me.. please forgive your sister who isn’t even 5% good compared to you.. PLEASE?

7th October: Transfusion – all good

8th October: Meeting hematologist Dr. Usman – all good, happy, satisfied.

9th October: Bit drowsy and quiet.

10th October 6 pm: Drowsy, acting weird, not talking properly

10th October 8:30 pm: Taken to emergency, Agha Khan.

MRI being done, infection in sinus detected…

Admitted in Neurology Special Care Ward.

Several tests been done, meningitis been diagnosed, reports always worsen, no improvement, condition getting worst…, after 3 days stopped talking/responding.

Taken to Isolation Ward, having problem in breathing, shifted on ventilator moved in ICU same night.

Was breathing + ventilator was supporting till 2 pm on 17th Oct… then went on ventilator completely…

Doctor suggested to let him be on ventilator for next 48 hours, then will see..

No improvement, family been called, signed to remove ventilator..

And he left us at 2 pm on 19th Oct.

Rest in peace Salman

Salman Mehmood a.k.a SKDev

Salman Mehmood the founder of is no longer among us. He left this world at 2 pm PST on 19th October 2009 due to meningitis.

He was a thalassemic himself, 24 years old, working as a web developer for a US based company named ‘Directors Advantage’.

His dream was to save next generation from thalassemia, he wanted badly assembly to pass the thalassemia prevention bill and how unlucky of him that bill just got pass when he died…, he wanted to aware every single soul about thalassemia, he even mentioned his cause on a TV show, you can see the video on Youtube.

Rest about him I won’t write because other bloggers/journalist/writers have written on him a lot. As a brother he was a gem!

Am posting some of the articles/posts written on him, I will be including more whenever they are available to me:

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If am missing any article that you know please mention, I want to gather all those articles/videos/posts all on one place.

May Allah grant him the highest rank of Jannah! ameen

-Ayesha (Salman’s Sister)

Blood Drive

Who’s in Karachi & willing to donate blood this sunday for Thalassemia Patients registered at Fatimid Foundation?

There has been severe shortage at Fatimid, please donate blood & help save 3 lives.

If you can’t donate, have donated few days ago, then you can bring friends, relatives, workers anyone you want..

You can message me or Salman for more details or can call at: 0332-3080461

Event page at Facebook: Blood Drive

Make commitment ONLY if you are coming otherwise just don’t tick at ‘attending’ – I MEAN IT 🙂