No complain…!

Salman, I never thought I would need any friend’s help in website’s issues, I always thought you will be here with me to teach me each and everything…, but no… Your sister isn’t that looser, I won’t give up, I will learn everything like the way you did – all by yourself, I will do the same… inshaAllah.

Had transfusion on Saturday, Nor mother nor sister had enough strong heart to accompany me for it, because it was in Agha Khan, where Salman was admitted for 9 days…, and I had to go alone 🙂

Which thing didn’t remind me of him? Everything, from small to big, everything, everyone remind me of him…, but have to live… this is what life is all about…, I want this world to end soon, I want to meet all my loved ones there, I want to go to the permanent world.

The same day nephew got hit by scooter, Shukar Alhamdulillah hit wasn’t that bad or big, just bit of swelling… but he was fainting, we rushed towards hospital, and the worst part, some roads were blocked because of some stupid rally, and there was bad traffic jam, we got stuck, decided to walk, walked for more than 30 minutes, finally we were on a road where we got transport and headed to hospital.

For GOD sake stop blocking road for your stupid rally’s, just imagine yourself in emergency, you get lots of traffic jam, you can’t even walk, people not giving enough space to move… just imagine!

I don’t know what else is there for us to see…

My already small family has got smaller…

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