As many of you have heard about ban on facebook, I just can’t get why government is banning it? I mean is it the only way to teach them a lesson?

When government don’t know what to do they simply ban the website, I mean can’t we teach the culprit some other lesson? can’t we trace the guy who started all this nonsense and send him behind the bars?

I agree that by banning facebook we are giving them financial loss and then they will remove all the nonsense, but what about the real culprits? you think they will stop? NO!, they will definitely find some other platform to harass us.

Blogspot has been banned in past, now facebook, how many websites are we going to ban? this will never stop them, there are people who talk and write nonsense about Islam and they are given the honor of being called ‘Sir’, we yet sit quiet and bear it.

If am not wrong there was some ambassador who have done something bad too? but still we sit quietly and watch..

I don’t have any concern with facebook, blogspot, anything! but government, when are they going to act intelligent? WHEN!


جانتی ہوں ہونا وہی ہے جو وہ چاہے گا، اور یہ بھی جانتی ہوں وہ اپنے بندوں کا کبھی برا نہیں چاہتا، بر پھر بھی۔۔ پریشانی ہے کہ جا ہی نہیں رہی۔۔

جتنا سوچتی ہوں، اتنا الجھتی ہوں۔۔ کیا کروں؟  ہممممم، سمجھ سے باہر ہے یہ الجھن۔

🙁 دعا کیجیے گا

Note: this is to inform the people who prayed for membership, FAiTh (Fight Against Thalassemia) has got membership from Thalassemia International Federation and Thalassemia Pakistan Federation, thank you all for the prayers 🙂