Media – Get a life!

Many of us know about the Kyrgyzstan issue going around, students getting killed, getting evacuated by the help of government…

Why are they getting killed or forced to leave their studies? Because of majority vs minority dispute? But what it has to do with the students? Who are gone for studies?  They go out of country to get higher studies not bullets on their chest; they get higher studies so that they can get a better job, to fulfill their parent’s wishes, their sibling’s demands… and what are they getting? Treatment which a terrorist would get, am very depressed over this situation.

But then this depression isn’t big in front of what ARY News did, just few minutes ago while checking out for news , I landed on ARY News, they were showing news that Ali Raza, a student from Pakistan died in Kyrgyzstan and his dead body has arrived to his home town.

They were interviewing his father, relatives and were making video of Ali Raza’s dead body again and again… I literally wanted to call and stop them; I mean how can they do it? You are simply dishonoring Ali Raza by showing his dead body, this is very unethical.

Where are your etiquettes media? It can be you in his place in near future, what would you like? getting captured by digital camera or would you like to have some photo shoot?

Please, show a bit respect…, can you?

One thought on “Media – Get a life!”

  1. You are absolutely right AYESHA, you know nations take centuries to engulf them in hunger and slavery, then again take centuries to get out of this. So our media…………… getting there but you know some of them are nor on their own agenda but somebody else’s. DO we ever think why we are suffring? What are the reasons? What are the solution? There’s a HADITH my dear sister, Hazrat MUHAMMAD (pbuh) said that ” jaisay qaum kay aamal hon gay waisay he un par hukamran musallat kar diye jatay hain” So this is the point from where you can start thinking who we are and what we are doing. MAY ALLAH GIVE US HADAYA.Ameen

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