What else is left?

image courtesy : tribune.com.pk

I heard about LHC banning Google last night but I didn’t take it seriously, woke up late and found my whole twitter timeline filled with anger and sadness.. why? because LHC has order ban on 9 websites which includes, Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Hotmail, MSN, Amazon, IslamExposed, InTheNameofAllaH.

First of all why on earth someone has filed petition against search engines? Its you who search such stuff, search engine doesn’t hold your hand and makes you write.. does it?

Secondly why such petition is being given attention? don’t you guys at LHC have anything else to do? Do you even know there are thousands of people who get their bread and butter through internet?

A student takes help for his assignment, a website owner search content for his website, I myself use Google for so many things, oh GOD! what would happen to email ids on yahoo and hotmail :|? why on earth are you banning it!!!?

Dear LHC, there are people who are dying with poverty, look at the high prices of everything that a poor can’t afford but prefers to commit suicide, can you please do something about it? you became free judiciary because people all around the world joined the campaign on Facebook etc, worked hard showed care and concern for you.. and you are doing this to them? not fair.. not fair at all LHC! at least care about them?

At least show some concern for the people dying because of poverty, give your attention there.. and leave us alone.. please?

AND its people who search and see such stuff, they don’t force us to do so!! either give us back everything or take them away and send us in stone-age.

Last but not the least control yourself, your kids, DON’T TRY TO CONTROL ALL OF US!!

Thank you!

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