Another year has passed bhai..

Sometimes I really think on which loss should I cry and on which I shouldn’t…, 14th July 1998 was the date when you left us…, a very shocking news for all of us.., we can’t forget anything.. anything that has happened.., anything that was related to you.., today when I see Hammad and Ibrahim playing games I go back in time when you, Salman and I were the best buddies, we never needed anyone.., together we survived bad days, got equal love from maa and equal hard teaching from dad, that really helped us in life..

You did more than your age, you tried everything to bring just a single smile on mom’s face or our’s.., taught Salman a lot of things so that he can be independent like you.., I guess you did know about your departure, those teaching helped Salman and he did so many positive things! countless things I should say!

But wasn’t your presence enough for Allah? I guess no.. HE called dad after you.. another shock which didn’t just shock us but moved floor from under our feet.., it felt like we are sitting on the road with bare head and people pointing at us.., it was Salman’s presence’s which helped us after dad from people’s behavior..

But I guess Allah wanted more ‘naik‘ people for HIS heaven.. just when we were learning to live without dad HE called Salman… I don’t know on whose death should I shed my tears…, I have lost everything..

A brother like Nauman bhai, a friend like Salman, a teacher like dad.., I don’t know what else we are going to see.. but I don’t feel enough strength in me now..!

Prayers needed for both brothers and dad!

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  1. Allah jin logon ko muskilaat aur masaib say aazmata hai ,,,, un logon ko saber aur hosla b wohi Zaat he ata kerti hai ….

    Allah say dua hai k wo dunia aur Akhrat main sb k derjaat buland karay ….

    and the best we can do now is …..
    sb aik dafa “Fatiah aur 3 dafa Qull parh kr Aesal-e-Sawab ferma dain .


  2. Allah knows best, what is good and what is bad for us, and truly knows what as individuals and collectively as people can do.

    It is indeed sad when our loved ones leave us, but only Allah knows what is best for them. And look at it from another point of view, you as an individual have been contributing far more than any girl at your age in social awareness and aiding those that have gone through most of the issues that you and your brother’s have gone through.

    I hope you also realize that as a girl, you would be the apple of the eyes of your parents and your brothers too, hence they would be praying for your success and continuing efforts, which I am sure will yield not just great results in this world, but even better and greater rewards for you, your parents and your brothers in the other world.

    This is a blessing in disguise, if you think about it, for a warrior who will go to any lengths to help and be with those who need the most of it. We are all proud of you and Salman, a contribution like none other.

  3. Assalamualaikum

    I am a very recent visitor to the blog, and though I had heard via secondary sources of your brother passing away in Oct 2009, hadn’t really done anything nor found this blog.

    Now that I have, I have to say one thing. You really are one remarkable lady, who has faced more than anybody faces at this age and who still struggles to be so cheerful and positive in her posts. So I commend you for your forbearance and pray that you find solace and be patient in this world, so that Jannah awaits you in the Hereafter.

    I’m sure Salman (and your bro, and dad)… are all in a very happy place Insha Allah. And the best thing about this world is that it’s temporary :). So it ain’t going to last anyway. Ultimately, it’s going to be a reunion – and a very happy one insha Allah.

    Stay strong.

  4. hi ayesha i am beenish main bhi thallassemia patient hu mujhe bhut dukh hua k humara bhai ab humare sath nahi par us ki yadeen to hai na allah kare humare bhai salam ko janat naseeb ho god bless him

  5. I felt compelled to comment after reading this touching post.
    May Allah grant all the deceased from your family a high station and place in Jannah, may He ease your loss for the remainder of your fmily and may He reunite you all in Jannah, ameen.

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