Willing to contribute?

It’s so hard to organize a blood camp in Ramadan, not because organizers are fasting and slow BUT people resist donating blood, although one can donate after iftar, but still people think they can get weak after donating.

FAiTh tried arranging a blood camp before Ramadan in different institutes/universities, but couldn’t get permission as they were already booked by some other Thalassemia centers, am glad someone approached them before us 🙂 and I hope they would have get awesome result.

Now FAiTh has decided to organize blood camp after Eid and we are here to ask for help, help in giving us a venue, help in getting us donors.

If you can arrange blood camp in your neighborhood, institute, university, factory, office ANYWHERE, contact us. Just give us venue and donors and we will do the rest!

Hoping to get positive vibes!

Ayesha Mehmood
Official Spokesperson

Noor e Khuda…!

I don’t remember at what age I developed likeness for sad/slow songs but it was very young age, many of my friends used to make fun of me when I used to tell them I love to listen to Jagjit Sindh, Mehdi Hasan, slow and sad songs etc.

But nothing could change my love for them 🙂 and today my song list only contains LOTS of slow/sad songs :), when I miss Salman or dad a lot I listen to them hours and hours…, few days ago I heard Janay nahi de gen tujhe from movie 3 idiots, it badly reminded me of days when Salman was in hospital, I was trying every single thing to make him come back to life…, but real life is way different than movie 🙂

Last night I heard Noor e Khuda from movie My Name is Khan, it’s a wonderful track too.., I questioned Allah a lot of them when Salman was hospitalized, I wanted HIM to do some miracle.., I even said to many friends that doctors said that after 24 hours they will remove ventilator but Allah just need a second to make him come back to life… and am sure HE will do it…

I ain’t a lady of weak faith/belief, I have STRONG faith on Allah but I was very much upset when I heard that 1 second which I was waiting for didn’t come ever and a news came that Salman is no more with us…

I know Salman that you are in  heavens and must be enjoying but Salman… your panda miss you a lot 🙁


Growing Pakistan ?

Is it me or really Pakistan has changed? I feel so backward… I mean I don’t belong to any political party or organization, I don’t carry any party flag or badge… either I need life or they?

Firstly PPP flags flying in Islamabad since Benazir Bhutto birthday…

And now something which broke my heart…

First when people used to visit the famous Paper market in Karachi during August, they used to see lots of Pakistan flags and Pakistan badges, just Pakistan… nothing else.

But this time when I stepped in Paper Market to buy Flag and badges… I could see a very famous party flags and badges floating in the market, this isn’t enough… making and selling is just forget it… but my heart tore when I saw many people actually buying it… instead of Pakistan flag and badge they were buying party flags and badges… I don’t know

about any other person… but I personally didn’t like it.

Its Pakistan’s Independence or your party? Quaid-e-Azam was the founder or your party leader?

We need to learn… we need to grow up…

While coming back home on the way I saw many party fans riding on their bikes with party flags on…cars back covering with big flags.

Why can’t we live for Pakistan? Not for party… not for those people who are ruining country… for the people who gave us Pakistan!?

It’s not “tera Pakistan, mera Pakistan (mine Pakistan, yours Pakistan)” its “hum sab ka Pakistan (ours Pakistan)”.

Live for Pakistan, die for Pakistan!

Pakistan Zindabad!

P.S: don’t forget our brothers and sisters who are effected by flood today, come forward and help generously!

Life has to move on…!

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal ~From a headstone in Ireland

I always used to get annoyed and irritated when dad were used to teach me how cheque book is filled, how telephone gets fix, how to get millions of things done…, I used to be so annoying and asked dad so many times that why you teaching me all this when you are there for everything and if you still want to teach then please teach Salman, am not a guy!

But his answer always stayed the same “you don’t know anything, just keep learning! you  never know when all these things come handy”, with a bad mood I learnt everything…, I never knew the way of life he wanted me to adopt will come handy because he will be leaving this world so soon..

Soon after his death all the teaching came handy in all aspects of life…

I just can’t forget anything… anything related to dad.. whatever he taught was for my good… whatever I am today is because of him and mom…, friends say am very brave and strong…, my mom and dad made me strong… they backed me up every time for every little thing, my upbringing has been like a son… am grateful to you dad for everything you taught me… for everything you did for us… in short for EVERYTHING!

But there is one thing I learnt from dad and I don’t know when it gonna be coming handy to me… it was smoking ;d

Jokes apart dad…, I love you and miss you a lot 🙂 may you stay at the highest rank of Jannah! *ameen*

-your annoying daughter