Mom and Daughter
Mom and Daughter

Mothers are most of the kids best friend, I have a special bond with my mom, a very special bond…, my mom shares almost everything with me and I share everything with her, even our dark secrets are shared with each other.

If I get ill my mom doesn’t sleep all night, that was the time when I was use to think if God forbid anything happens to mom will I be able to stay awake all night? And I did achieve that place, we can never return the love, care our parents showed for us, but still we can try.

Since few months mom having diarrhea problem, whenever she is restless I stay awake all night and Alhamdulillah I doesn’t even feel tiredness, mom is bit shocked that how I manage to stay awake but I have told her ‘just like you stay awake for me’ 🙂

Please remember my mom in your prayers, I have lost enough of my loved ones, can’t bear any other lose!

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  1. hey, it’s nice to know your blog 🙂
    do you have an fb account? i’d like to make friend with you 🙂

    i love your blog, it’s inspiring people outside 🙂

  2. آج کل کی عورتوں کے کپڑے تو چڑیا گھر میں پنجرے میں لگی گِرل کی طرح ہو گئے ہیں۔۔۔۔

    قیمتی سامان محفوظ بھی ہو جائے اور دیکھنے والے خوش بھی ہو جائیں۔

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