quarter of a century..

and Alhamdulillah today I have covered a quarter of a century.. *sighs* 25th birthday 🙂

Alhamdulillah life has been great.. so many ups and downs.. so many happy moments and few sad ones too, achieved so many things so far.. did many things which I never expected..

There are those sad moments of my life.. like losing brother then dad then brother.. but then there are happy moments where Allah blessed me a lot that sometimes I can’t even find words to thank HIM..

At the age of 25 having a business of my own, managing thalassemia cause and the list goes on.. Alhamdulillah HE has blessed me a lot 🙂

Though I miss brothers & dad a lot but then am sure their prayers are helping me a lot.., they will never leave me alone.. I owe everything to my parents… specially my mom… I couldn’t have been here without her! [love you maa]

Few days ago I was thinking what are the things I want to do before I die.. here are few of the things I have thought:

1) Wants to go for Umrah/Hajj [though I have gone twice for Umrah.. so would prefer if Allah calls me for Hajj]
2) Wear a sari [yes, I haven’t done this yet ;(]
3) Own & drive a car [inshaAllah soon]
4) Candle light dinner [oh yes! will get it done too :p]
5) Get an android set [yes, am still on Symbian :/]
6) Visit Gaddani Beach & Gwadar Port [heard a lot about their beauty]
7) Want to spend few days on cruise [to admire the natural beauty]
8) Wants to take SK Collection one more step ahead [won’t share the idea.. but inshaAllah soon]

That’s all for now.. will come up with another list soon inshaAllah :p till then pray that I be able to do all of them soon [ameen]

Oh last but not the least, happy birthday to me 🙂


It’s been quiet a long time I have updated blog.. there’s so much going on in life.. so many ups and downs.. sadness.. happiness.. so much of happenings!

It’s been more than 12 years for Nauman bhai.. 5 years for dad and it will be 3rd year without Salman.. how badly I miss them.. I can’t define in words.. how badly I want them by my side I can’t define..

I have been trying to stay strong for so long.. I have been trying to handle everything.. I have been trying to act like a son for mom.. but how badly I want dad and brothers to be here is something I can’t tell..

This is one such fact I can’t change… you all must be thinking how much I cry =/ and when do I write something cheerful..

I don’t.. I don’t write anything cheerful.. I just write whatever I wish and want to..

Writing after so long time.. I feel writer block badly!

Prayers needed..


5 transfusions - one single stand
5 transfusions - one single stand

Am seriously numb.. I really don’t have words to explain my grief.. the above posted picture is from a thalassemia center, which is in Badin, Sindh.

This is the only thalassemia center in Badin, an hope for patients from Thatta, interior Sindh, Badin etc.. while browsing through thalassemia groups/pages I found this picture and its killing me..

One single stand.. 5 transfusions.. am sad for the future of Pakistan.. how they are being treated.. still no complain.. no wrinkle on their face.. they are getting treatment like this because there’s no space in thalassemia center for more patients.. with the increasing number of patients management can’t do anything.. trust me running a center, giving them transfusion is already too much.. and then managing so many patients? may Allah bless them..

We can put full stop to the increasing number of patients.. but we are a dumb, deaf and blind nation.. we won’t do it.. because we think there are more serious issues than Thalassemia – if you still think the same even after watching this picture then you really are dumb, deaf and blind!

I don’t have words.. just one request.. if you are thinking to help someone.. go ahead and help such kids, parents and thalassemia centers.. they deserve it.


How it feels when you get to know your loved one.. your world.. your love is ill and admitted in hospital for a week..?

How it feels when you get to know your loved one having so many health complications?

Horrible? terrible? bad? sad? or what?

No feelings can define the pain..

Mom has been in ICU for 6 days.. the moment I saw her vomiting blood.. I lost my life.. I completely lost everything.. it felt like world is going to be end..

Though she is back to home.. but still.. it seems there is still more to suffer.. I know this is not the end.. this is just the beginning.. we yet have to see a lot.. am afraid to loose her..