5 transfusions - one single stand
5 transfusions - one single stand

Am seriously numb.. I really don’t have words to explain my grief.. the above posted picture is from a thalassemia center, which is in Badin, Sindh.

This is the only thalassemia center in Badin, an hope for patients from Thatta, interior Sindh, Badin etc.. while browsing through thalassemia groups/pages I found this picture and its killing me..

One single stand.. 5 transfusions.. am sad for the future of Pakistan.. how they are being treated.. still no complain.. no wrinkle on their face.. they are getting treatment like this because there’s no space in thalassemia center for more patients.. with the increasing number of patients management can’t do anything.. trust me running a center, giving them transfusion is already too much.. and then managing so many patients? may Allah bless them..

We can put full stop to the increasing number of patients.. but we are a dumb, deaf and blind nation.. we won’t do it.. because we think there are more serious issues than Thalassemia – if you still think the same even after watching this picture then you really are dumb, deaf and blind!

I don’t have words.. just one request.. if you are thinking to help someone.. go ahead and help such kids, parents and thalassemia centers.. they deserve it.