quarter of a century..

and Alhamdulillah today I have covered a quarter of a century.. *sighs* 25th birthday 🙂

Alhamdulillah life has been great.. so many ups and downs.. so many happy moments and few sad ones too, achieved so many things so far.. did many things which I never expected..

There are those sad moments of my life.. like losing brother then dad then brother.. but then there are happy moments where Allah blessed me a lot that sometimes I can’t even find words to thank HIM..

At the age of 25 having a business of my own, managing thalassemia cause and the list goes on.. Alhamdulillah HE has blessed me a lot 🙂

Though I miss brothers & dad a lot but then am sure their prayers are helping me a lot.., they will never leave me alone.. I owe everything to my parents… specially my mom… I couldn’t have been here without her! [love you maa]

Few days ago I was thinking what are the things I want to do before I die.. here are few of the things I have thought:

1) Wants to go for Umrah/Hajj [though I have gone twice for Umrah.. so would prefer if Allah calls me for Hajj]
2) Wear a sari [yes, I haven’t done this yet ;(]
3) Own & drive a car [inshaAllah soon]
4) Candle light dinner [oh yes! will get it done too :p]
5) Get an android set [yes, am still on Symbian :/]
6) Visit Gaddani Beach & Gwadar Port [heard a lot about their beauty]
7) Want to spend few days on cruise [to admire the natural beauty]
8) Wants to take SK Collection one more step ahead [won’t share the idea.. but inshaAllah soon]

That’s all for now.. will come up with another list soon inshaAllah :p till then pray that I be able to do all of them soon [ameen]

Oh last but not the least, happy birthday to me 🙂