SK Collection 2nd Birthday =)

Time flies..
Time flies..

It just feel like yesterday when I was discussing with someone that I can’t blog nor I have any other skill and I have to support family after Salman… What shall I be doing? And there I got this idea of importing stuff and selling it in my circle… But then I had this thought that being a shy soul where I will sell those items? I immediately thought of using social media 🙂

Using internet since more than 12 years I have Alhamdulillah made amazing friends, I knew they will support me in my new venture.., I went to mom and discussed about the idea, she listened to me and asked “will it work?” I only smiled and decided to place my first order worth Rs. 5000/- with a supplier I found through a friend…

That was the first purchase for my online store SK Collection and it was sold within 15 days, today 2 years has passed and SK Collection has dispatched more than 1300 orders till date 🙂

2 years has gone but still I can’t forget mom’s reaction after listening to the idea “will it work?”. With my every purchase she would say “will it work?”. She was really happy for my efforts and SK Collection, I miss her a lot… it is because of mom’s prayers I have reached here.

My baby venture is 2 years old today.. I wish to see it grow, I wish to see it serve more fans, to get more love, to improve more… oh many people ask me what does SK stands for.. so SK is first letter of Salman and my mom’s name 🙂

And Alhamdulillah, 80% of SK Collection earning is being used for Thalassemia awareness, campaigning, website & needy patients.

Keep sending us your love, prayers & feedback.. we need them! 🙂

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