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Few days ago on Benazir Bhutto’s birthday according to the frontier post PPP leaders, workers donated 28,300 blood bags. From that bags 4500 bags were given to different thalassemia centers in Karachi and a MEGA TRANSFUSION EVENT was organized at Expo Center Karachi on 26th June.

Being a thalassemia major and an activist I didn’t like the idea of it and I had some reservations, despite of it being open event I choose not to attend. We patients know what is right, what is wrong, I know getting transfusion on a place where you can’t provide immediate treatment if God forbid anything wrong happens is the MOST idiotic mistake I will make ever in my life.

Transfusion is not a piece of cake, if God forbid patient get reactions or any infection he/she has to be rushed to the emergency at any cost, it is life and death matter and to be frank government risked 4500 patient’s lives with that.

I will blame PPP government + thalassemia centers who agreed for the event and took risk of 4500 lives.

General Secretary PDF PPP Shakir Alam shared about the success of the event, pictures of the event and I couldn’t resist I simply asked him few questions and he couldn’t control his anger and used foul language in his comments, I asked him to behave, but he didn’t listen to me and continuously kept on misbehaving, when I told him my parents have been supporters of PPP for 40 years he started dragging my parents.. He has been deleting the comments I made and continuously kept on harassing me.

A lot of my thalassemia fellows saw the conversation and asked him to behave but he didn’t listen to them too. After 3 hours of commenting I stopped replying and today I found him again commenting about me, when I asked him to stop it.. he said he would have replied if I wasn’t female.. lol.. whaat? you first misbehaved for 3 hours and now you coming up with the most stupid line.. he said sorry to me in INBOX, I simply asked him to say sorry on the status where he was harassing me.. but now what? he has blocked me from the profile =)

I saw the pictures of the event, they used tables as bed for patients and ropes to hang blood, the picture itself has been giving me SHIVER!!! I wonder what they think of us? animals.. available for qurbani??

Please do check the pictures, all his pictures, comments etc. You can also read his status here :

Being a government official he must be polite, he must know how to behave and how to give respect, if I am not misbehaving then I demand you to behave too.. Disgusting PPP party and their workers. Shame on you guys.

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  1. اس سے اندازہ لگایا جاسکتا ہے کہ ہماری سیاست میں ایسے نااہل لوگ موجود ہیں جو صرف ذاتی، سیاسی تشہیر کے لیے لوگوں کی زندگیوں سے کھیلنے سے بھی نہیں چوکتے۔

    اس ایونٹ کو منعقد کرنے والوں اور شرکت کرنے والے، دونوں قابل سزا ہیں۔

  2. Stop wasting energy while talking to these kind of people.
    Rather concentrate on your work and move on.
    They are meant to distract you from your right path.
    Keep going and stay strong.
    May Allah be with you always. Aameen.

  3. Seriously i got shiver after seeing this events pics…..i was really happy when i heared abt that event thought atleast so ething good is happening…but after seeing this…it really hurts…Allah ka karam hua jo kisi pateint ko kuch nahi hua….ya pata nahi hua hoga to hamein pata kaise chsle ga…they will hide their mistakes ….
    Allah reham karey pakistan pe….
    Request to politicians…. jiye bhutto ya jiye something se pehle jiye pakistan ata hai….pakistan hai to siasat hai

  4. زندہ ہے بی بی زندہ ہے کے نعرے پڑھتے ہی آپ کو اس بندے سے بحث نہیں کرنی چاہیئے تھی۔ کیونکہ جو بندہ اس قسم کے نعرے مار رہا ہے یعنی بے نظیر کی لاش پر سیاست کررہا ہے وہ اس قابل ہی نہیں ہے کہ اس کے ساتھ عقل اور سمجھ کے مطابق تبادلہ خیال کیا جائے۔ یہ لوگ ایک عورت کی شہادت پر اپنی سیاست چمکا رہے ہیں اور اگر یہ اتنی گھٹیا حرکت کرسکتے ہیں تو ان سے خلوص کی توقع رکھنا ہی بے کار۔ مجھے آپ سے ہمدردی ہے، خدا آپ کو ہمت دے۔ آمین۔

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