Whole Blood. To replace blood volume and O2 carrying capacity in. Treat hemorrhage and shock. Contains PRB’C, plasma proteins, clotting factors and plasma. (few platelets & granulocytes) Volume = 500ml/unit. __________________. Packed Red cells (PRBCs) Treat anemia, replace blood volume (ordered when Hgb 8-9 & HCT 24-27) 1 unit PRBC = Hgb by 1/HCT by 3. From whole blood (2/3 of plasma removed) Only RBCs used. O2 carrying capacity in slow bleeding, anemia, leukemia, surgery. Volume = ml/unit. Risks & Benefits. Possible incompatibility issues. Circulatory overload. Deficient in some clotting factors. Rarely used. Use Lasix to prevent overload. ________________. Use leukocyte poor red cells or leukocyte filter if history of febrile reaction. No viable platelets or granulocytes. Incompatibility may cause hemolytic reaction. Less chance of fluid overload. Takes 4-6 hours for Hgb & HCT to change. Most commonly used!! FRESH WHOLE BLOOD Must be irradiated blood , use leukocyte filter.

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