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ProPakistan To Host Pakistan’s First Blog Writing Competition

Courtesy by: ProPakistan!

This is a great pleasure to announce that we’re holding Pakistan’s first blog writing competition. The competition is open for all established and no established bloggers and aspiring bloggers of all ages round the Pakistani Blogosphere. The purpose of this competition is to promote the blogging trend in Pakistan, and to explore the ideas with which Pakistani blogosphere can help the different societal, political and economic problems.

The Theme is “Pakistani Blogosphere & Rebuilding The Foundations Of Pakistan”, and you’re free to wrap your thoughts in best possible title and details of about 500 words. Below is the further detail of the competition. Please do ask if there’s any confusion:

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رمضان مبارک

DaCoolSite.Com wishing all the Muslims around the globe a very happy and blessed Ramadan!


Here is the list of special update we did for Ramadan:

1) Naats / Nasheeds (English, Sindhi, Urdu, Punjabi, etc)

2) Ramadan Special Calenders

3) Ramadan Special Recipes

4) Ramadan & Islamic SMS

5) Zakat Calculator

6) Islamic Pictures And Wallpapers

7) 99 Names of Allah As Display Pictures

8) Ramadan Special Duas

and Much more… you just have to pay us a visit 🙂 and am sure you will love to visit!!

may Allah accept our prayers and bless all of us with HIS bestest blessing! ameen!

Happy Ramadan once again!

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz

Which then of the bounties of your Lord shall you deny?


Alhamdulillah no doubt we are blessed!, how.. well DaCoolSite has got page rank of 5, we are getting great response mashaAllah, we have launched Naat & Nasheeds Section, Sms Corner, and many different things are lined up.

That was about website, now personal stuff, I got a bad news few days ago about my health, but again HE has helped us and that bad news turns good news Alhamdulillah!!! 🙂 all thanks to HIM!!

Am posting few images/icon/logos for the friends who want to help us in Thalassemia.Com.Pk, if you want you can put any of the image you like on your site/blog, that would be a great help.

Prayers Needed! and ofcourse Support needed too!

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz 🙂

Thalassemia Free Pakistan
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Songs, Movies, Reviews
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Thalassemia Free Pakistan
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Thalassemia Free Pakistan
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Thalassemia Free Pakistan
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Songs, Movies, Reviews
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MSN Inn @


Okay I have decided to post about the sections we have on, so this way you guys can know what is we are offering…

Lets start with the new section we have launched and this is… MSN Inn!

Ok ok.. I know you must be thinking what so interesting about it? I mean every second site offer Msn section, but I can guarantee you that you will like the stuff we are offering…

When you enter the section, you see two categories (more coming soon), 3 links, and latest additions block…

What are the 3 links?
• Latest Addition
• Statistics
• Requested Goodies

Latest addition describes it self, I don’t need to explain, hai na?, Statistics will show you which thing is All time favorite and which thing was liked mostly in the week…, in Requested Goodies you can request any thing you want us to add in the section for you…, whether its Display Picture or some Patch you want.

Two Categories:
• Backgrounds
• Display Pictures



You can have new backgrounds for your MSN from the collection we have, we are still working and will be uploading more collection… but as it was getting late so we have to launch the section…so don’t be sad you will be able to see new collection soon inshaAllah, currently we have Animals, Bikes, Cars, Food, Nature, Textures backgrounds… do give them a try!

Display Pictures:


Here comes my favorite category! Yes! Display Pictures…, If you like to have your name on your display picture just like me then you are on the right place, with different styles, in Urdu in English you can have your name on your display, then we have different other types too, like Cartoons, Babies, Flowers, Fruits, Funny, Islamic, Moods, Music, Patriotic, Quotes, Romantic, Valentine Day, and much more coming soon

Interesting thing about Display Pictures is that if you don’t find your name’s display picture then you can simply use our Requested Goodies form and ask for it… and we will upload it as soon as possible…

Latest Addition Block will show you 10 newly added background or display.

Did I tell you guys that those name display pictures are made by me :$? If not then now you know… no kidding I have created those! I hope you guys will pay a visit to this section and hope you will like the collection!!

Feedback/comments/suggestion is the food for my blog, don’t forget to feed my blog ;d thanks!

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz



Its my brother’s death anniversary, its my blog’s birthday and by Islamic calender my dad’s first death anniversary is coming….

Mixed feelings, so many thoughts, so many memories, so much on mind but don’t want to say… don’t want to share… just need prayers!!!

may Allah rest my brother and my father soul in peace AMEEN! may they get the highest place in heaven ameen!!!

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz