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moi kuchi ko blog’s first bday :)

1st Birthday!
Dear Blog!

remember just one year ago I wrote my first ever post on you? and it was about my late brother? remember dear Blog? no? but I do, because that post has been my favorite post and I remember I wrote and cries for hours and hours with you, I shed my tears in front of you because I know you are there to listen to me, to lend me a shoulder and from that day till now I have been sharing my happiness, sadness and every single thing with you, because I know you are listening to me, you are na Blog? you have been my best buddy I love you! Happy Birthday Blog 🙂

Another year without you bhai… I know you will be in Heaven for sure, you have been a shadow for us, we all sister and brother love ya!! you have always been there but now you are not but we know you are up there praying for us, and giving us strength to struggle for our life, we love you bhai! we love ya! and we are proud of you, whatever you did was great and in very young age you did too much, we cant even forget a single thing, you have been our support, our happiness!! THANKS BHAI! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING YOU DID IN YOUR LIFE FOR US! 🙂 We wont forget anything I promise!

We miss you bhai, we miss you, do you?

Dear Blog, thanks once again for all the days and night you spend with me, thanks for listening to me, thanks for lending me your shoulder, thanks for bearing me, thanks for everything!!

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz!

Happy Birthday Salman!

It’s my 100th post on this blog and its Salman’s birthday!!

Happy Birthday brother!! May you live a long, happy, healthy life! And may Allah fulfill all your wishes, dreams and may HE guide you to best path of your life with success and happiness!!

I have been writing too much, GOSH this is 100th post 😐 I talk too much, no? Ah well! Readers!!!!! Here’s a big thanks to all of you for bearing me and posting comments, giving compliments, giving suggestions/advice!


Btw: blog’s birthday is coming soon too ;)!

Take Cares, Allah Hafiz!

Phree Blogs!

Okay so after hearing from Ayesha that blogspot is still blocked.. here is what i am thinking:

  • A free wordpress blog for each and everyone (or at least for those who come first eh),
  • With your favorite theme (please provide me a link to download or if you have your own then send it to me or Ayesha)
  • Urls will be like:, domain options are:
    • Thalassemia.Com.PK
    • TFPak.Com
    • BolayTo.Com (will arrange more if this thing gets some business)
  • I will host the blog of course i have plenty of unused bandwidth and space so don’t worry about that
  • You will have your own WordPress admin panel
  • 10 FTP Accounts, not on first come first serve basis.., they will go to those who are extremely ‘active’ in modifying their WordPress blogs!

And no am not a nice guy.. i will ask for a TFPak.Com small Banner in return!
if you don’t know what TFPak.Com is then try visiting the site and you will know..

if you are interested drop a comment we will contact you soon,
Best Regards,

New Layout


As you may have already noticed (if not then you should go and have your eye sight tested) that this blog is now having a new Layout, Interface, Design whatever you call it.. anyways i have tried to test every part of the blog but there might be some places where layout is not properly appearing or some errors appearing instead of the actual content.. if you see such errors please reply to this post about where you saw that error or whatever..

Also please do tell me how is the new layout 😛


Get a life losers!

Gosh, I can’t believe that someone can hack a blog too? What was my fault I still couldn’t find it.., as a routine work my brother checked his emails and he found a mail from his hosting company, saying “someone has tried to hacked this site of yours and if this happened again, then we will have to take some serious step regarding this, maybe we will have to terminate your account.” I really don’t understand that what the hackers get by doing these attempts? I am not discussing any political issue here, I am not against anyone, and we are not discussing Indo-Pak issue here, why the hell then I had to face this trouble?

Well, after looking into the matter, Salman had to delete the old files and upgrade the blog version for me.., the changes I made are not there anymore… the comment system has been gone too : (, I HATE YOU HACKERS!!!

I can’t even say anything to Salman now, he had done so many things for my blog and the minus point is that whatever he did, he did it online, he doesn’t even carry a copy of his work now : ( , am sowwie Salman, meri wajah se tumhey phir se mehnat kerni hogi : (, am sorry!, and these days Salman wont answer me too, because he had to complete his new project and he is too much busy… khair, jab hona hoga tab kaam hoga.. but still..

I Hate You Hackers!