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Few changes…

Once again there is something done by Salman for blog heh, so here I come with the credit for him : ), lets not be so mean ;p

First: My very own first blog is hosted by Salman, and the domain is also given by him : )

Second: Now I can write Urdu posts easily because of him, he has done a lot of changes in theme CSS Sheet, so now I can write Urdu most easily and it looks so great to have your own national language everywhere : )

Third: Now you can see the Time of my posts too : ) + there were few small small amendments he did.. Which are un-countable heh

Last but not the least: He has made comment system very beautifully! That it just looks like a corner of the site : )

There are many things he has done and doing for my blog online, offline… Thank you Salman!!!!, he is a professional webmaster and taking time out for my blog is like a big No No for a busy person, but its him who has never denied for any work I say heh! Thank you brother ; )!

May Allah always be with all of us..
Take Cares, Allah Nigheban