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World Thalassemia Day 2013

May 8th is observed as World Thalassemia Day.

What is thalassemia?

Thalassemia is an inherited characteristic of the blood. It reduces the amount of hemoglobin in a human body, leading to anemia. Deficiency or a lesser count of red blood cells, or too little hemoglobin in blood, is Anemia – which simply means a shortage of blood.

There are two main types of thalassemia, thalassemia minor [carrier state], thalassemia major [disease state].

When two thalassemia minors marry each other there are 50% chances in each delivery of having a child with thalassemia major.

Every year 5000 to 6000 children are born with thalassemia in Pakistan and thalassemia major’s only cure is blood transfusion; they remain transfusion dependant through-out their lives.

It is said an ounce of prevention is better than cure; just a simple blood test can save your next generation from thalassemia major. There are many countries which are now thalassemia free because they implemented blood test rule before marriage. If a couple can go for blood test before marrying they can not only help the country in reducing thalassemia births every year BUT they also can save their own offspring.

What you can do as an individual?

* You can get yourself and your partner tested before marriage

Ask your friends to do the same
* If someone you know who is getting married ask them if they have gone for the test?
* Spread this information around your family, friends, colleagues, neighbors and everywhere… TO SAVE THE NEXT GENERATION!


Donate blood; make it a habit to donate blood in every 4 months. Thalassemia majors are alive because of those generous blood donors who help them live. It is in Quran “saving one life is like saving the whole humanity”.

Together we all can make Pakistan thalassemia free!

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5 transfusions - one single stand
5 transfusions - one single stand

Am seriously numb.. I really don’t have words to explain my grief.. the above posted picture is from a thalassemia center, which is in Badin, Sindh.

This is the only thalassemia center in Badin, an hope for patients from Thatta, interior Sindh, Badin etc.. while browsing through thalassemia groups/pages I found this picture and its killing me..

One single stand.. 5 transfusions.. am sad for the future of Pakistan.. how they are being treated.. still no complain.. no wrinkle on their face.. they are getting treatment like this because there’s no space in thalassemia center for more patients.. with the increasing number of patients management can’t do anything.. trust me running a center, giving them transfusion is already too much.. and then managing so many patients? may Allah bless them..

We can put full stop to the increasing number of patients.. but we are a dumb, deaf and blind nation.. we won’t do it.. because we think there are more serious issues than Thalassemia – if you still think the same even after watching this picture then you really are dumb, deaf and blind!

I don’t have words.. just one request.. if you are thinking to help someone.. go ahead and help such kids, parents and thalassemia centers.. they deserve it.


This couldn't have been possible without your support!
This couldn't have been possible without your support!

With you guys support and votes we have won both the categories, that is.. as Best Website and as Best Blog 🙂

What were the awards for? and why?

SEPLAA Foundation is a non-profit and a-political think tank which performs as an activist organization to:

  • Do research, create awareness and facilitate improvements in the areas of health, environment, society, education, empowerment and law.
  • Build the positive image of Pakistan globally through its social media channels and international networks.

It was initially established as a privately funded organization in Lahore, Pakistan in February 2009 as the Seeds of Education, Policy & Legal Awareness Association (SEPLAA).

SEPLAA was later registered as the SEPLAA Foundation in April 2010 under the Societies Registration Act 1860 (Act XXI of 1860) with a specified Memorandum of Association, to work in the areas of health, environment and socio legal reform through awareness publications and dialogues.

SEPLAA arranged Talent of Pakistan, mega event for 2 days, which included Conference on 13th November, on Theme : Hope of Pakistan: Innovation, Creativity & Skills Enhancement & Talent of Pakistan Awards.

SEPLAA aims to show positive side of Pakistan and hence this was an outcome 🙂

On 14th November they arranged an exhibition, from Conference to exhibition everything went smooth.

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